Roadway collision tears small tractor into two pieces


When you see the images of the crash site, a 60-mph stretch of Virginia roadway where a pickup truck and small tractor collided, it’s jaw-dropping how much force was involved and it’s a concern whether the tractor driver survived. The tractor itself was split into two large pieces — an absolutely terrifying event. According to reports from the local Farmville Herald newspaper, Johnny Vaughan was taken by ambulance to the hospital, and an update of his condition has not been released.

The incident took place Tuesday morning in Prince Edward County. According to Meherrin Volunteer Fire and Rescue Assistant Fire Chief Leon Scott, it appeared that the pickup came up behind the tractor. More details will come out as the investigation proceeds. The driver of the pickup did have a small arm injury and was taken to the hospital by his wife.

It’s no surprise that Farm Bureaus and other ag agencies are urging people to share the road this time of year, as farmers continue to plant their crops, get their hay mowed, or their wheat harvested. There are several slow-moving vehicles on our public roadways, and it’s surprising how quickly a motorist going 60 mph can catch up to a machine going only 10 or 15 mph.

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