Rural innovators receive $150,00 in grants for rural America


Many agricultural companies are investing in rural America to enrich agriculture and the surrounding community. Groups striving to make innovative impacts on agriculture and rural America are receiving $150,000 in grants from Compeer Financial. A total of 13 groups have been selected for grants where Compeer Financial serves as lead investor for a program that fills a known void for clients served by the cooperative.

“This is an opportunity for Compeer to make a big difference where there is a significant gap or need in our territory,” said John Monson, chair of the Compeer Financial Fund for Rural America Board of Trustees. “These programs spark a new project and inspire ideas and skills to shape current and future agriculturalists.”

  • Applicants were referred to the program from a Compeer Financial team member and proposals were scored in seven categories:
  • Rural or Agricultural — serves Compeer Financial clients and their communities
  • Geographic Reach — broad, regional impact
  • Replication — could this project be replicated in other regions, with assistance from Compeer, making a greater impact?
  • Innovation — is the project new (not administration or straight line funding)?
  • Fills a Known Void — addresses a significant void in agricultural and rural markets
  • Ability to Collaborate — ability to leverage other funding partners
  • Supports Compeer Financial’s Mission — strong correlation to enriching agriculture and rural America


  • Chicago Botanical Gardens: Farm on Ogden: $30,000 will be used build out a demonstration kitchen space and purchase a tilt kettle to provide cooking classes and locally grown fresh food and vegetables to urban residents.
  • Colfax Restoration Project: Downtown Greenspace: $2,700 will provide landscaping, painted murals on buildings and other expenses related to displaying historical items and seating areas.
  • Lexington FFA: Agriculture Program Revitalization: $7,500 for carpentry, metalwork, horticulture and aquaculture supplies for the Agriculture Department
  • Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce: Farmers Market Expansion: $4,265 for advertising expenses and indoor facility rental for expanding Farmer’s Market and Winter Market
  • Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau: Expanding youth agricultural education: $5,500 for resources for Ag in the Classroom lessons and events


  • Main Street Project: Farm Renovations: $50,000 to build a poultry production training unit for next generation of aspiring Latinx agripreneurs


  • Lafayette County UW- Extension: Farming After Dark: $3,000 for promoting local agricultural products with consumers at an annual event.
  • Friends of the St Croix County Fairgrounds: Building Construction: $10,000 for construction of a livestock barn and show arena
  • Community Clothes Closet: Clothing Project: $1,000 to purchase new socks, underwear, outerwear, shoes and boots
  • Safe Families For Children: Operation Safe Families for Homeless: $2,500 for screening and training for new host families
  • Sauk County Conservation, Planning and Zoning Department: Soil Health Promotion: $2,500 for speaker costs for Using Soil Health Principles to Build Resilient Soil and Improve Crop Productivity workshop.
  • School District of Cambridge: Severson Learning Center, Koshkonong Trails: $21,000 for construction of shelters for livestock and fencing for pasture
  • Wisconsin Badger Camp: Program Improvements: $10,000 to complete the purchase of a new tractor to transport campers with disabilities around camp help improve access to programs and facilities.


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