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$30 million Texas ranch for sale, sure to take your breath away


Have a little extra cash burning in your pocket? Want to expand your acres or are your looking to move to the beautiful state of Texas? Even if you aren’t in the market, you have to check out this Texas ranch for sale, it is one for the books. 

The roughly 9,155-acre Gearhart Ranch just hit the market for $30,457,953. It has been in continuous operation as a cattle ranch since 1890. The Gearhart Ranch is an iconic example of the finest and best of the highland mountain ranches of West Texas. The grazing lands in the upper elevations reach 7600 feet of elevation and are situated among some of the most special scenery in all of Texas. Elk, mule deer, and aoudad are all well-established on this ranch. Endless skies, beautiful sunsets, dark nights with bright stars and the majestic Milky Way, the Davis Mountains.

Want your piece of land to tie back to Hollywood? Check! This is the area where director George Stevens chose to film the movie “Giant.” The 1956 Warner Bros. movie starring Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, James Dean, Carrol Baker, and Dennis Hopper was filmed on a nearby ranch about 10 miles from the Gearhart.

Worried about the dry-Texas climate? Eight wells supply plentiful water to a system of 46 water troughs across the ranch, including what is believed to be the highest water trough in Texas. The upper trough is located at 6,800 feet of elevation. 

Interested in the land for hunting activities? Game on the ranch includes mule deer, elk, black bear, mountain lion, antelope, javelina, aoudad, dove, and quail. Around 277 species of birds have been observed at Davis Mountains State Park. Presumably, the next proud owner of this ranch will operate the ranch in a legacy fashion while enjoying the recreational and wildlife components. 

If you are still not convinced of the beautiful mountain scenery, check out this view! 

Texas, Davis Mountains, Gearhart Ranch, mountain view sunset

To see the full listing, check out the website. 

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