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TV chef Carla Hall spins for 4-H on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune


Celebrity chef and TV personality Carla Hall — who is perhaps best known for the eights years she spent as the Emmy-winning host of the daytime talk show The Chew — showed some love Sunday night to the organization that gave so much to her: 4-H. Hall was a contestant on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, and 4-H was the charity she was playing for.

She did quite well, too, bringing in $48,600 for 4-H.

In the first round, she landed on the $2,500 and chose “M” as her letter. The three that were on the board netted her some big bucks, but she couldn’t solve that puzzle. However, she did solve two puzzles later in this first half of the game, including one that read: “Screaming on a roller coaster.” With some bonus money awarded by the Pat Sajak, Hall earned $24,800 with that puzzle.

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In a blog post on the National 4-H Council’s website, Hall said that participating in 4‑H was about learning the skills she would need throughout her life and that 4‑H provided “the foundation for my future.”

Hall — who is famous for her Soul Food, noting the capital “S” and “F” in her approach to those cuisines — is a Nashville native who attended St. Vincent De Paul, an all-Black Catholic school. The 4‑H organization provided a much-needed dose of self-esteem for her at a young age, including an early foundational experience of a Blue Ribbon for her artistic entry in a 4‑H competition.

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Hall’s smarts and charisma helped carry the episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, and she had a couple of more puzzle wins that helped to elevate her total money raised for 4-H.

You can watch her stint on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, which was Season 3, Episode 5, right here. Here competition was TV writer and producer Phil Rosenthal and chef Jet Tila:

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