Two-year-old Idaho boy dies after run over by tractor


Our hearts go out to this Idaho family after hearing this tragic news from last week. A two-year-old Jerome, Idaho boy was playing on the farm when he ran in front of a tractor being used to feed calves.

According to the Idaho State Journal, Renato Rivera, 33, was backing the tractor up and began to pull forward, accidentally running over the boy. Jaime Rivera Jr. died from his injuries on scene.

The county prosecutor does not plan to file any criminal charges.

According to the National Ag Safety Database, each year, an estimated 300 people under age 19 die and approximately 24,000 (65 every day) are seriously hurt on our nation’s farms. The rate of death is higher in agriculture than in mining, construction, or the timber industry. The most common causes of these injuries are from slips and falls, animals, farm machinery, and all-terrain vehicles. 

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