National Farm Machinery Show 2020

TrailBlazer’s TB-Flex front cutter innovates in design and execution

jaclyn krymowski


TrailBlazer Attachments unveiled its front-mounted cutter, the TB-Flex, to attendees at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville. The TB-Flex is designed for optimum cutting power, pushing the envelope of cutter design and execution.

The cutter has a floating position and five locked cutting positions. In fact, the floating position is new — it is designed to float down to 15 degrees below the horizontal and 40 degrees above the horizontal. During use, the cutter can be easily positioned, repositioned, and adjusted with a single pin; no chain or steel strap is needed for the convenience of the operator. It has a 44-inch cutting with and up to a 3-inch cutting capacity.

Besides ease and practicality, the TB-Flex is made for precision and reliable use. The spindle hub assembly and 1 3/8-inch cold rolled output shaft are both precision computer numerical control machined. The genuine Eaton Char-Lynn hydraulic motor comes with the two-year TrailBlazer limited warranty. Everything is put together with high quality press fit bearings.

Another feature of the implement is the heavy blade carrier, which is bent on a 45-degree angle allowing for better airflow and performance on the job. The hub is key precision machined for optimal security, and 3/8-inch thick material with added blocks is at the all blade securement locations.

For cutting durability and longevity, all the double-sided cutting edge blades of the TB-Flex are flame hardened. Additionally, they are fixed with square blade bolts maximizing life and security during work. The full-length heavy-duty roller has a 1-inch pillow block bearings, and a new radius is integrated into the design with balance tubes that add more efficient operation.

The TB-Flex is available in four mounting options, the universal skid steer, John Deere 400 and 500, Euro/Quickie/Global, and a universal pin on. Two motor options are also available, one with 9-14 gallon per minute capabilities, and one with 15-20 gallon per minute capabilities. And another huge perk — the TB-Flex is proudly American made.

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