Shark Farmer: Sean Stanford fightin fires

Podcast published : August 15, 2017

Sean Stanford is a man that wears many hats. A guy that puts family and community first.... but don't get me wrong, I don't like him.

Future of Agriculture: Misfit Farmers with Scott Wettstein and Dr. Curt Livesay from Dynamite Ag

Podcast published : August 15, 2017

Dr. Curt Livesay from Dynamite Ag is one of those people who questions basic assumptions. He focuses on agronomy or soil management and crop production. He has been a guest on a past episode, but we mostly discussed the cannabis industry. Today, Dr. Curt Livesay shares his data based process especially around the subject of nitrogen use.

Keeping it Real in Agriculture: My son & I talk #OntarioAgCast, Roosters & Family Vacay's

Podcast published : August 14, 2017

Jenny Schweigert creates a great podcast to get to know fellow agvocates and learn how and why people agvocate for agriculture.

Girls Talk Ag Podcast

Podcast published : February 27, 2017

An agronomist, cash trader and farmer get real and talk about the latest current events in agriculture.

Ontario AgCast: Aussie Farmer James Stacey

Podcast published : February 4, 2017

:08 Reasons you might punch a kangaroo in the face 5:23 Aussie supply management deregulation for dummies/Wendell 9:25 Wendell makes a fairly obvious comparison 12:55 Chasing export markets - Myth or reality 20:30 How a politician answers a loaded question 23:10 Poke machines have nothing to do with Pokemon 27:20 Australian farmers have the same problems as Canadians