Hot Rod Farmer: The Lost Art of Mechanical Procedure

Podcast published : January 15, 2020

15 common mistakes mechanics make that will affect the quality of repair.

Shark Farmer: Miles Parry talks Australian fires

Podcast published : January 14, 2020

With a historic drought and rampant wildfires, Australian farmers are really going through it. Listen to the first hand accounts by Miles Parry.

Ag State of Mind: Dave Pratt: Healthy Land, Happy Families, Profitable Businesses

Podcast published : January 12, 2020

Today Jason speaks to Dave Pratt, CEO Emeritus of Ranch Management Consultants, the company that puts on the Ranching for Profit (RFP) schools. RFP helps its graduates find the breakthroughs that will improve the health and productivity of their ranches, the profitability of your business and the quality of their lives. Jason and Dave talks about the importance of asking why in ranching business. They speak about how the ranch operation should serve those who work and own it. That having a good quality of life should be of utmost importance to any ranching operation. Dave’s teachings have been a huge influence on our mission here at ASoM, so today’s episode is very special. Link to Dave's book Healthy Land, Happy Families, and Profitable Businesses. https://www.amazon.com/Healthy-Happy-Families-Profitable-Businesses/dp/0991063406Mentioned in this Podcast: Savory Institute. https://www.savory.global/E-Myth Revisted: https://www.amazon.com/Myth-Revisited-Small-Businesses-About/dp/0887307280

Talking Biotech Hiatus

Podcast published : January 11, 2020

I’ve dreaded this day. I have not missed a Saturday in a long time, but after told to end the series by my institution I have not been able to find someone that can do the work to host the podcast on a weekly basis. I hope that those that complained to the university feel good about their accomplishment. And it is people that claim to be friends of science, BTW. Right now the most prudent move is to go on a hiatus. I need time to regroup. My feeling is that I’m just going to come back, continue the podcast, and navigate the consequences. It does not make it easy.

U.S. Faces Global Competition Under Phase 1 Agreement with China

Podcast published : January 9, 2020

The United States may have to compete with other nations to gain additional market share promised in an upcoming trade agreement with China. Micheal Clements has more.

Hot Rod Farmer: Having a rough time of it… your engine idle that is!

Podcast published : January 8, 2020

A rough idle is more telling than most think. Listen and learn.

Future of Agriculture: Peace Through Agriculture

Podcast published : January 8, 2020

Kenneth Quinn is the former President of the World Food Prize Foundation, an organization that seeks to give individuals recognition for achievements that directly improve the quality, quantity, and availability of food in the world. Kenneth is often referred to as “the Ambassador” because he was the US Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia. During his time as President, he received various high-level honors and awards from different organizations, including The American Farm Bureau and The Crop Science Society of America. Kenneth joins me today to describe what the World Food Prize Foundation stands for, how it got started, and what makes it similar and different to the Nobel Peace Prize. He shares his journey, his time as Ambassador, and how he began to follow in the footsteps of Norman Borlaug. He explains the current state of agriculture across various countries and the agricultural hindrances that America needs to fix. Kenneth also discusses what he wants his legacy to be and the dangers that Americans face in regards to agricultural research.

Farm Traveler: Getting Fit for the New Year with Emily Shaw

Podcast published : January 8, 2020

It's the beginning of a new year! Most of us might have made some goals to better ourselves in the new year in ways like eating better, exercising more, basically getting in shape like The Rock. Our guest today is Emily Shaw, better known on Instagram as Dairy Girl Fitness. Emily has created a platform on motivating people to get fit and as she puts it, "Help women build confidence, feel strong & eat the foods they love." Emily will share her knowledge on planning your workouts, best practices on diets and supplements, and how she advocates for the dairy industry. This is a super informative podcast if you are interested in fitness and getting in shape this year! Be sure to follow Emily on her Instagram page for more fitness advice! https://www.instagram.com/dairygirlfitness/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

Shark Farmer: Matt McCune Farmer-Storm Chaser

Podcast published : January 7, 2020

Being a full time agronomist/salesman while also being a full time farmer isn't all that unusual... but it doesn't mean it's not impressive Listen as I talk to Matt McCune about ag and storm chasing

The Dry Line Farmer: The First Ever Dry Stick Awards!! Part 2

Podcast published : January 7, 2020

We start the show with football talk where Casey and Landon reveal their poor football picking skills. And later we finish up our awards show with some "best and worst of" awards!