Shark Farmer: Trevor Scherman, just try to keep up

Podcast published : October 17, 2017

Trevor Scherman is definitely a man that is always looking to tomorrow. Listen as he talks about returning to the farm and getting a patent, all while having a very short attention span. Please visit our advertiser: https://www.farmersedge.ca/

Future of Agriculture 074: Leveraging Data To Optimize Commodity Decisions

Podcast published : October 11, 2017

Mike Neal is the Co-Founder and CEO of DecisionNext, a company that utilizes and analyzes data in a way that helps companies optimize their decision making. DecisionNext’s business relies on giving clients possible market forecasts in an event of a policy change. Regarded as a serial entrepreneur, Mike is fond of starting new businesses and has focused his entire career on mathematical models and its application to critical business decisions. He has founded plenty of SaaS companies, all of which provided highly focused analytics to business users. Read more at http://farmruralag.libsyn.com/#8MrGb2QfMECLuC0I.99

AFBF: Ag Community Relief Helping Farmers Impacted by Wildfires

Podcast published : October 10, 2017

A new organization is helping farmers across the nation, including those affected by wildfires in Montana. Micheal Clements has more.

Shark Farmer - Brad Peel and life's curve balls

Podcast published : October 10, 2017

Brad Peel is a guy that's curious about agriculture. However, getting on ag social media has had some unexpected surprises. Listen as he talks about the unexpected loss that shook his world. Please visit our advertiser: https://www.farmersedge.ca/

Ontario AgCast - Besnik Sulemanovzki

Podcast published : October 5, 2017

Taxes Suck…. so get an Awesome Accountant. 1:30 From a downtown high-rise to farm kitchen table. 5:50 Family business – clients you can get to know. 7:45 Not exactly sure what Besnik does and that’s just the way he likes it. 10:30 Legitimate tax strategies, or as the Liberals call them, Loopholes. 13:20 Justin Trudeau – champion of the middle class? Lol. 15:50 Revenue Canada questions if family members contribute to the family farm. 18:50 Small business succession planning. Surprise! You’re screwed. 24:15 Ever feel like someone made a mistake and is afraid to admit it? Me too. 26:00 And…. Wendell solves the deficit.

AFBF: Puerto Rico Agriculture Devastated by Hurricane Maria

Podcast published : October 3, 2017

Puerto Rico farmers are facing total losses after two hurricanes ravaged the island. Micheal Clements has more.

The Shark Farmer Podcast - Brooke Clay started from the bottom...

Podcast published : October 3, 2017

Brooke Clay is on a mission to change the way people view agriculture. Listen as we talk about her #Rulalinfluencer retreat and her experiences with online dating. Also listen to clips from Jessica Willingham and Erin Brown

Shark Farmer: Rheannon Ehlers Zumba Queen

Podcast published : September 26, 2017

Rheannon Ehlers is the Zumba Queen of Iowa... or something. Listen as we talk about her being cheap and social media. And please visit Shark Farmer's sponsor: https://www.farmersedge.ca/

AFBF Fall Harvest Marketbasket Survey

Podcast published : September 25, 2017

The American Farm Bureau Federation’s Fall Harvest marketbasket survey found the total cost of 16 foods that can be used to prepare several meals was $51.13.

Girls Talk Ag: Surviving Harvey: Kelly Whatley Talks Cotton, Destruction and Life in South Texas

Podcast published : September 25, 2017

Kelly Whatley's farm was just miles away from where Harvey made land fall. Hear her talk about having freshly harvested cotton washed away and how towns nearly destroyed are faring weeks later.