Shark Farmer: Casey Schuhmacher for President

Podcast published : January 23, 2018

Casey Schuhmacher is a political junkie... and that is a good thing for agriculture. Listen as he talks irrigation, family farming, and social media. Please visit SF's advertiser: https://www.farmersedge.ca/

Keeping Ag Real - Improving food buying decisions

Podcast published : January 19, 2018

They always say, it takes a village and that village just expanded. There is a new player in the agriculture advocacy world. Today's guest is Nate Birt from Farm Journal's Trust In Food initiative. This new effort kicks-off with the Trust In Food Symposium, Jan. 23-24, in Chicago. Nate shares about the goals of Trust In Food, how they feel this effort is different than any other and the intense collaboration. The initiative brings together farmers, ranchers, growers, agribusinesses, food companies, food marketing folks, conservation and more.

Ontario AgCast - Jonathan Lamb

Podcast published : January 18, 2018

Jonathan Lamb is a partner in Lamb Farms and Oakfield Corners Dairy. We talk cows, genomics and employees. This is a great example where "big" and "family" go together in more ways than one. Jonathan will be in Ontario speaking at the Wallenstein Feed and Supply Dairy Producer Meeting on January 31.

AFBF: Farmers Celebrate 2017 Victories

Podcast published : January 16, 2018

As a new year gets underway, farmers and ranchers have several victories to celebrate from 2017. Micheal Clements has more.

Shark Farmer: Scott Mathews conservation pioneer

Podcast published : January 16, 2018

Scott Mathews had an awful 2017, but he continues to remain optimistic. He talks about his battles with the NRCS and growing rice. Please visit: https://www.farmersedge.ca/

Farmer to Farmer: Ryan Thiessen of Creek Shore Farms on Going Full Time, Small Scale Mechanization, and Winter CSA

Podcast published : January 11, 2018

Ryan Thiessen farms four acres of vegetables in two locations at Creek Shore Farms in St. Catharines, Ontario. With 110 CSA members in the summer and 72 in the winter, as well as farmers market sales, Creek Shore Farms provides a modest living for Ryan and his wife, Amanda. While Amanda has been full time on the farm since its start in 2010, 2017 was Ryan’s first year with farming as his only job. We talk about the challenges he encountered while making the transition, and what he plans to do differently in 2018. Creek Shore Farms is highly mechanized for a farm of its scale, and Ryan shares where and how he’s made choices about mechanizing, and how he’s taken advantage of farming two properties as a way to organize what crops are raised using what methods. Ryan shares his adventures with two-wheeled Planet Junior cultivating tractors and how they revolutionized weed control at Creek Shore Farms. Perennial support for the Farmer to Farmer Podcast is generously provided by Vermont Compost Company and BCS America.

Ontario AgCast - Jes Oelschlagal

Podcast published : January 11, 2018

For all our talk about letting consumers see how their food is produced, there’s one part of the process that has remained hidden from public view. A third generation butcher, Jes Oelschlagal wants to change that and help educate people on why the job of ending an animals life is noble and important. I think it’s safe to say we don’t pull ant punches with this one. Check out the True Transparency Project for more info. https://jessoelschlagel.wixsite.com/thebutchersdaughter

Farm Bureau Sets 2018 Policy Agenda

Podcast published : January 11, 2018

American Farm Bureau Federation delegates Tuesday set forth policy priorities for 2018. Micheal Clements has more.

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Shark Farmer: Meredith Bernard isn't funny

Podcast published : January 9, 2018

Meredith Bernard is a woman determined to learn the ins and outs of farming. Listen to how this genuinely nice person is making a positive impact. Please visit: https://www.farmersedge.ca/

AFBF: Ag Economy Outlook 2018: More of the Same

Podcast published : January 8, 2018

Farmers and ranchers should expect 2018 to shape up similar to years past when it comes to commodity prices. Micheal Clements has more.