Hot Rod Farmer: I work best under pressure…the engine coolant said!

Podcast published : December 11, 2019

The lowly radiator pressure cap does more than you think.

Shark Farmer: Ethan Stuckey finding his place

Podcast published : December 10, 2019

Ag State of Mind: Clay Conry

Podcast published : December 9, 2019

Today, Jason speaks with friend of the show, Clay Conry. Clay is the driving force behind WorkingCows.net and the Working Cows Podcast. Clay is a native of South Dakota, growing up on a Cow-Calf Operation outside of Belle Fourche, SD. In additon to ranching and podcasting, Clay is also a minister. Today, Clay talks about his background in both ministry and agriculture and how he combines them into making an influential podcast helping ranchers find joy in their lifestyle.

Talking Biotech: Bacteria Fixing Nitrogen in Plants

Podcast published : December 7, 2019

Nitrogen is essential for crop growth. That reality has led to intensive crop fertilization using nitrogen fixed through the Haber-Bosch process, which has energy costs in production and transport. At the same time there are well known examples of nitrogen-fixing bacteria associated with plants, as well as some that colonize within the plant itself. Can these naturally occurring bacteria actually be used within the plant to assist in the nitrogen fixation process? Nolan Berg joins the podcast from Azotics, a company with a pioneer product. This bacterial strain lives within the plant, fixing nitrogen and limiting the need for exogenous application.

Salt of the Earth Podcast - Wheelock Fruits

Podcast published : December 6, 2019

Wexford strawberries are known the length and breadth of Ireland, but timing and location can prove important factors in deciding where to grow and sell them. Here strawberry grower, Cyril Wheelock from Wheelock Fruit Farm in Co. Wexford tells how has recently diversified his fruit farm into a farm shop and restaurant, providing some insight and background into what is a relatively unique development within Ireland.

Hot Rod Farmer: Christmas 2019. The second annual gift guide.

Podcast published : December 6, 2019

Farmer Shares Story of NRCS Mistreatment

Podcast published : December 5, 2019

A new video in a series by the American Farm Bureau Federation highlighting the need for reforms to USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service tells the story of a Virginia farmer wrongly accused of illegally farming a wetland. Micheal Clements has more.

Hot Rod Farmer:Don’t tune me out!

Podcast published : December 4, 2019

The modern light-duty diesel needs to be tuned. Ray Bohacz tells you how!

The Dry Line Farmer: Where the Sun Doesn't Shine

Podcast published : December 4, 2019

The podcast has hit a new low, well at least we hope this is the lowest point. "Perineum Sunning" is apparently a thing now, and we're just the geniuses to talk about it. Also, Brent and Landon go on the crime beat.

Ag State of Mind: Cody Creelman Cow Vet

Podcast published : December 2, 2019

Today, Jason talks with Cody Creelman, a veternarian and digital story teller based in Alberta, Canada. We chat about his journey from vet school to practicing vet to becoming a pioneer in the ag world telling his story online. Cody also shifts the conversation to speaking about the rate of depression and suicide in the veterinary community, something Jason was not aware of. Go check out Cody online at https://codycreelman.com/ . Cody and I talk briefly about the Do More Agriculture Foundation. To check them out go to https://www.domore.ag/about-us