Regenerative Agriculture: Rebuilding The Soil Carbon Sponge with Walter Jehne

Podcast published : October 15, 2019

In this episode of The Regenerative Agriculture Podcast, John Kempf interviews Walter Jehne, an Australian soil microbiologist and the Director of Healthy Soils Australia. Walter has written and taught extensively about the earth’s soil carbon sponge and hydrology as they relate to climate change.

Shark Farmer: Kylie Epperson rising from ashes

Podcast published : October 15, 2019

Imagine investing everything into something on your farm... only to see it go up in flames. Listen to Kylie Epperson talk about her views on farming and more.

Ag State of Mind: Carey Portell

Podcast published : October 14, 2019

In this episode, Jason interviews his friend and neighbor, Carey Portell, a partially-disabled rancher with an incredible and inspiring story. Audio Production by Podsworth Media - https://podsworth.com

Talking Biotech: Farm Aid: Anti Biotech and Farmer Choice?

Podcast published : October 12, 2019

The Farm Babe Michelle Miller is a farmer, speaker, columnist and blogger that advocates for agricultural producers, and seeks to better connect consumers to agricultural reality. She recently attended Farm Aid, the annual concert event that originally was held to provide funding to struggling farmers in the 1980’s. Since then farming has become even more challenging, but Farm Aid has seemed to shift its focus to more political causes than direct farmer assistance. Michelle reports what she experienced at a recent Farm Aid concert and its associated press conference. It is clear that they have minimal interest in supporting large “factory” producers and are focusing on practices and production techniques that are more compatible with a specific agenda about food.

Salt of the Earth Podcast - Thomson & Joseph

Podcast published : October 11, 2019

David Atherton, CEO of Thomson & Joseph, a UK-based dairy nutritionist and soils expert, provides some background to an intriguing soil-improvement programme that he has helped pioneer.

FeedChat: Talking about mycotoxin ahead of the World Mycotoxin Forum in Belfast

Podcast published : October 10, 2019

In this first episode of FeedChat Vincent ter Beek, editor at Misset Uitgeverij, and Pedro Caramona, leader of the Mycotoxin Risk Management project at Trouw Nutrition, talk about mycotoxin ahead of the World Mycotoxin Forum in Belfast (14-16 October 2019).

Farm Bureau: Finding Hope and Battling the Opioid Crisis in Rural America

Podcast published : October 10, 2019

Tennessee first-generation farmer and family nurse practitioner, Matt Niswander chats with AFBF President Zippy Duvall about his work to address the opioid crisis in rural America, and Illinois member Connie Gyorr shares her daughter Marisa’s story in the hope of raising awareness and bringing healing to those struggling with addiction.

Hot Rod Farmer: Better under pressure… your farm tires that is.

Podcast published : October 9, 2019

Learn how your tires are the key to soil health.

Shark Farmer: Daniel Carmichael carving his own path

Podcast published : October 8, 2019

Do you return to the family business or blaze your own trail? Daniel Carmichael could have settled into a comfortable life in the family business, Maplehurst Farms. Instead he decided to take a different path in Silicon Valley.

Talking Biotech: Engineered Microbes to Fix Nitrogen

Podcast published : October 5, 2019

Nitrogen is a reality of growing plants, and must be supplied to maximize crop yields. At the same time our atmosphere is >70% nitrogen that is not usable by plants in its atmospheric form. Humans have devised processes to “fix” nitrogen into plant usable forms, but they require energy and the products need to be transported, both leading to a substantial carbon footprint. A number of microbes naturally fix nitrogen, yet do not form good associations with all plants. Joyn Bio is a collaborative effort by a number of companies in chemistry and synthetic biology. Their CEO Dr. Michael Mille talks about efforts to engineer microbes that can form tight associations with crop plants and fix the nitrogen they need. These strategies seek to lower the carbon footprint of farming, at the same time limiting nitrogen pollution by producing it directly in association with the plant that needs it.