Deaf, almost blind farm dog saves lost 3-year-old

· April 23, 2018

An Australian farm dog has been making headlines over the weekend after saving a 3-year-old girl lost in the bush overnight. When little Aurora went missing Friday at 3 p.m., the 17-year old blue heeler named Max, who is deaf and partially blind, was right by her side. In fact he stayed with her for […]

Farmer fractures neck, holds head up by hair to get help

· January 15, 2018

A 73-year-old Australian farmer is making headlines after he took matters into his own hands after a motorbike accident. The Gippsland farmer was leaning over the front of his bike checking for grasshoppers when he hit a ditch and went flying over the handlebars. When he got back on his bike to get help, he […]

Farmer saves dog by mouth to snout resuscitation

· June 21, 2017

An Australian farmer proved a dog is truly a man’s best friend and he will do anything to save him — even mouth to snout resuscitation. Sheep farmer Glenn Rowe told 9News he didn’t think twice about giving his Kelpie Jack CPR after he found the dog had strangled himself after falling off the back […]

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