fake meat

Cattlemen tell Trump USDA should oversee fake meat

· July 27, 2018

Cattlemen say it should be the USDA overseeing lab-grown fake meat products, not the FDA. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and other leading organizations in the animal agriculture industry (“the Barnyard”) sent a letter to President Donald J. Trump urging him to ensure the USDA acts as the primary regulatory authority over lab-grown fake meat […]

NCBA eager to discuss fake meat at FDA public meeting

· June 18, 2018

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is gearing up for a public dialogue on fake meat products next month after the FDA announced it will be holding a meeting to address cultured meat technology. “NCBA looks forward to participating fully in the public meeting, and will use the opportunity to advocate for U.S. Department of Agriculture […]

Missouri first state to pass fake meat bill

· May 22, 2018

Missouri has become the first state to address the fake meat issue with legislation, sending a signal to other states to follow suit. The bill prohibits misrepresenting a product as meat that was not derived from harvested livestock. The legislation comes at a time when laboratory grown meat is being debated throughout the country and […]

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