Winfield United: Adjuvants just as vital as herbicides

· March 14, 2018

Weed resistance is clearly on the mind of every grower this season. Whether a grower has marestail, waterhemp, or Palmer amaranth in his or her fields or not, John Smith, Regional Agronomist, Winfield United said they should be developing a herbicide stewardship program to try to get in front of the issue. As Smith points […]

Bayer soybean trait stack receives EU import approval

· January 18, 2018

Bayer and MS Technologies have achieved a milestone on their path to delivering increased yield and enhanced weed control solutions for soybean growers. The FG72 x LL55 herbicide tolerant trait stack received a positive scientific opinion from EU Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which was subsequently accepted by the European Commission for the importation of FG72 […]

Could robotic weeders replace hand-weeding someday?

· January 11, 2018

Robotic weeders come to a farm near you in the future? Maybe. The growing popularity of robotic weeders for specialty crops has grown partly out of necessity, says Steven Fennimore, an extension specialist at the University of California, Davis. The need for robotic weeders stems from two issues. One is a lack of herbicides available […]

Dow AgroSciences tackles top 3 weed control questions

· August 10, 2017

Palmer amaranth, residual control, and soybean waterhemp seemed to be the most common questions among soybean growers this season and while every field potentially has unique weed management challenges depending on weather, soil type, and weed control methods, Dow AgroSciences field scientist Dave Ruen has some tips. “At this point in the season, farmers can […]

Missouri issues safeguards for dicamba-tolerant herbicides

· July 13, 2017

If a Missouri grower wants to apply a herbicide to dicamba-tolerant soybeans or cotton, the Missouri Department of Agriculture has now approved a Special Local Need label. Missouri Director of Agriculture Chris Chinn today issued today a Notice of Release from the statewide Stop Sale, Use, or Removal Order on ENGENIA, XTENDIMAX, and FEXAPAN herbicides. […]

University of Missouri: Cover crops sensitive to herbicides

· March 22, 2017

Many corn and soybean growers have found it challenging to establish fall-seeded cover crops. A team of University of Missouri researchers may have discovered why. The researchers conducted field studies over three consecutive years to evaluate the impact of more than two dozen residual herbicides on eight cover crops, including Austrian winter pea, cereal rye, […]

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