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14 questions livestock producers should ask before buying feed

· September 7, 2017

With many Northern livestock producers buying hay and feed from outside the region due to drought, the North Dakota State University Extension Service and North Dakota Stockmen’s Association remind producers to heed with caution. “Hay, stover, and other feeds are coming from around the country, and the quality of those feeds can vary considerably,” NDSU […]

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NDSU: Hauling water short-term fix during drought

· July 18, 2017

During a drought, good quality water is vital for livestock. In fact, a 10 percent loss of body water is fatal to most domestic livestock species. Carl Dahlen, NDSU Extension beef cattle specialist, says the amount of water livestock need depends on the conditions and type of animal. The general estimates of daily water intake […]

NDSU: Look out for livestock nitrate poisoning during drought

· July 10, 2017

Some North Dakota State University Extension Service specialists are urging livestock producers in drought stricken states to be aware of nitrate poisoning. Nitrate poisoning may occur if livestock eat drought-stressed crops and forages, which can accumulate nitrates. Feeding drought-stressed forages from oats, barley, and corn causes the majority of nitrate poisoning cases in North Dakota. […]

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NDSU: Ranchers continue to face lice outbreaks

· March 23, 2017

In Northern climates many ranchers are often faced with a continual lice infestation in their herd each winter, even if they have treated their cattle. Unfortunately, lice populations are much more difficult to control than they were 10 years ago, according to Gerald Stokka, NDSU Extension veterinarian. “We cannot be sure of the reason for […]

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