trade war

Free trade groups urge president to capitalize on G20 summit

· November 29, 2018

For months, farmers have been battling the negative effects from the trade war going on currently between the U.S. and China. Americans for Free Trade sent a letter today to President Donald Trump urging the White House to resolve the ongoing trade war with China during the president’s meeting with Chinese President Xi at the G20 meeting this […]

SD farmer asks Congress what’s exit strategy in this trade war?

· July 19, 2018

Two American Farm Bureau leaders spelled it out for Congress Wednesday testifying that many farms will lose money and even go out of business entirely if the growing trade war continues. Each called for a resumption of talks and removal of tariffs that are undoing decades of progress in trade. American Farm Bureau Federation Vice […]

Farm groups ask Trump administration to avoid a trade war

· July 13, 2017

Eighteen food and agriculture organizations sent a letter this week to the Trump administration urging them to refrain from placing restrictions on imports of steel and aluminum. The organizations are very concerned that such restrictions will boomerang against U.S. food and agriculture exports and start a trade war. The groups warned that “the aftermath [of […]

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