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Ohio-based Kuhns Mfg. changes its name to Norden Mfg.


Kuhns Mfg., an Ohio-based manufacturer providing square-bale handling products for hay growers, is changing its company name to Norden Mfg. The same ownership and staff will remain in place, but the name change and rebranding effort is seen as a way for the company to best expand its product lines and create a unique identity in the industry.

The company out of North Bloomfield, Ohio, is currently known for its hay accumulators, tie-grabbers, and standard grabbers. It has 75 employees and does business on five continents.

Owner Kenny Kuhns said that the name “Norden” is German for north and represents the German ties in our Amish roots. The logo is a star with a compass theme. The official change, which includes a new logo, will go into effect Feb. 7.

The reason behind the change, he said, is that “as part of our focus on business development, our family believes that rebranding our company to a name that creates clarity of identity and reflects our values provides opportunity for us to offer a range of new products.”

According to a news release, Kuhns Mfg. has decided to change its name to Norden Mfg. for three specific reasons:

  • The company wants to create clarity and reduce confusion in the marketplace from another similarly named hay equipment manufacturer.
  • The change will also allow the opportunity to expand the company’s product offerings for its dealers.
  • By expanding its product lines, this will enhance long term stability of the company.
Image courtesy of Norden Manufacturing

“The logo is a star with a compass theme. The name and logo together remind us of the North Star,” Kuhns said in a post on the company website. “The North Star is true north for all people at all times in all places. We know that The Truth, like the North Star, exists on its own and transcends opinions and preferences. So while each one of us brings truth, we are not The Truth.”

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