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See where Yamaha is going with its new mid-size ATV


It’s no secret that farmers have to spend a lot of time working on machinery, but that’s not always how we want to be using our time. So when something comes along that is useful around the fields and pastures and doesn’t require a whole ton of upkeep … well, we’re listening.

Just a few weeks ago, Yamaha released its first mid-size ATV, the Kodiak 450, and it has a lot of features that’ll make farmers happy. And best of all, you won’t find yourself having to tinker with it in the shop.

To minimize the need for maintenance, it has features such as the well-known and durable Ultramatic transmission, a rear sealed brake, and easy access to the air filter.

“You don’t have to be working on the machine all the time. You want to focus on getting your job done,” said Scott Newby with Yamaha Outdoors. The company was showcasing this machine at the Ag Media Summit, which has been held the past few days in Utah.

Image by Ryan Tipps

The 450 caters toward introductory riders, but because of the versatility of the motor, it’s suitable for those with more experience. The chassis feels compact, and the handlebar is taller and swept back compared with other models — this allows for both shorter and taller riders to find a comfortable fit.

For farmers who need to get off and on often, say to open and close gates, the cockpit area is open and makes those tasks easier.

“ATVs are great on a farm because of the nimbleness of them and the versatility of them. The compact size lets you get around some tight areas, especially if you don’t need a side-by-side for the dump bed,” Newby said. “You can also buy a lot of accessories that go on an ATV — a brush hog, a sprayer, a seeder on the back.”

A few more perks to know:

  • It has on-command 2WD/4WD, so that you can select how you want to drive.
  • Everything is assembled in the good ol’ U.S. of A., in Yamaha’s Georgia facility.
  • The towing capacity is 1,322 pounds
  • It’s prewired for a winch up front
  • There’s lots of underseat storage.
  • MSRP is $5,999
Image courtesy of Yamaha
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