Be warned: Activist anti-GMO film drumming up Kickstarter funds

· February 14, 2017

A Kickstarter anti-GMO campaign is looking to threaten the credibility of today’s agriculture through a film based on falsities. The project, called Operation Phoenix, promises not to be a documentary “but an independent feature film based on scientific facts and true events, that will have an A-list director and A-list actors.” Despite a wealth of peer-reviewed international evidence showing the safety and success of genetically modified crops, the film proposes to connect the dots between human health issues with the widespread use of genetically engineered seeds and the herbicide glyphosate.

The storyline for the film? After a Texas rancher loses half of his calves to spontaneous abortion, he tries to make some type of connection to diseased crops, cancer in the farming community, and even his son’s autism.

With the tens of thousands of great ways to spend your money, why waste it on such a misinformed project as this? Operation Phoenix needs $500,000 for total development, but plans to take donations in phases. We doubt this film will actually make it to theaters, but as an industry, we need to know what our opposition is up to.

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