Best chemistry for sunflower seed weevils & grasshoppers

· August 23, 2022

From the fiendishly agronomic minds of Jason Hanson and Kyle Okke comes: The $h!t You Need To Know, a podcast and webseries for farmers who like to go deep on all things agronomy.

In $h!t You Need To Know, our co-hosts take real life questions from farmers on the AGvisorPRO app, break them down into nitty-gritty detail, and offer guidance and insight from the perspective of an agronomist. From the best chemistry to deal with sunflower seed weevils, to whether or not high phosphate will antagonize micros, and
everything in between.

To get your question featured on the show, and to see what all the buzz is about, download AGvisorPRO from your app store today, and find answers faster than you ever have before.

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If you can’t get enough of Jason and Kyle, consider listening to Agronomists Happy Hour, their long form podcast about farming and agronomy.

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