Why build furniture when you can grow it?

· July 26, 2016

English furniture designer Gavin Munro has set out to rediscover how wood is used. He assesses the very simple rules of tree growth, and bends them in beautiful ways. From inside to out, the wood and natural structure of his creations are unlike most anything you’d find elsewhere.

“Instead of cutting trees down, chopping them up into smaller bits, moving those bits around, drying them out, making them into smaller bits again, and sticking them back together, we’ve bypassed that completely,” Munro said. “We now grow trees directly into the shapes and forms that we want.”

Each time he approaches a project, he admits he doesn’t know what’s going to happen until he starts working with the wood. His company, Full Grown, can be found here. You can watch him in action in the video below.

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