Cargill’s Portfolio Builder aims to help farmers take advantage of seasonal market movements

· January 24, 2019

You already practice diversification on your farm by how you select different seed varieties, fertilizers, and crop rotations. Adding diversification within your grain marketing plan can help improve your profitability over time.

Cargill‘s Portfolio Builder is the first contract of its kind offered by a large grain origination company. It establishes the futures price component of your grain contract by combining four types of strategies into one that automatically executes during key times throughout the year. This allows you to diversify your grain marketing plan, and to take advantage of market movements during the critical planting season through harvest.

When a farmer enrolls bushels through Portfolio Builder, the contract helps capitalize on diversifying across seasons, goals, and market biases. Over the past five years, Portfolio Builder would have exceeded 85 percent of the traditional sales made by farmers to Cargill.

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