Newsy came to visit our ranch in Kansas and I geeked out about grass, as per usual. Kids, Cows and Grass talks about her ranch, as well and Dr. Frank Mitloehner spoke about research and sustainability, too!

Posted by Buzzard's Beat on Friday, October 22, 2021

How cattle ranchers are taking on the sustainability challenge

· October 26, 2021

Long before “sustainability” became a buzzword, farmers and ranchers have been working to keep their operations sustainable for future generations. Cattle ranchers have been environmentalist for years, protecting natural resources while feeding a growing population. 

For example, Brandi Buzzard has had to work hard to regrow her ranch’s grass. So far, it’s taken six years. “I mean look at it. That’s up to my hips on some of those. That makes me so happy to see that because that’s healthy grass. If you want a picture of healthy grass — that’s healthy,” she told Newsy. “On our ranch, we’re big advocates of rotational grazing, which means that the cattle don’t stay on a pasture for, you know, like two or three months at a time.”

In addition to regrowing healthy grass, there are many opportunities for farmers and ranchers to protect our natural resources. “Well, there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity to advance everything in agriculture, whether that be our soil health or our climate impact and all these things and the people that I know in agriculture are passionate about that,” Tiffany Cattle Company owner Shawn Tiffany said. “I know I am.”

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