A Cowboy's Granddaddy

Join us again for this week's Growing America Story as Booger Brown shares about one of the men that influenced him the most, his Granddaddy.

Posted by Growing America on Thursday, August 8, 2019

A cowboy’s tribute to his hero — his granddaddy

· August 13, 2019

Booger Brown‘s granddaddy was the hero he never knew he needed. The man was a hard-working cowboy who took his job very seriously. Brown remembers how precious that time was with his granddaddy. He tells others to spend all the time we can with our loved ones while they are still around and healthy. Don’t miss an opportunity to include them and live out their passion through the younger generations. 

Bobby said, “When my granddaddy met you, he didn’t automatically start telling you everything he had ever done in his life. He wanted to know what you had going on. Didn’t meet a stranger. At the same time, he done what was right, he wouldn’t stand for anything that wasn’t — that is just the way it was.”

“He was my best friend. He was the coolest cowboy ever.”


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