Dairy farmers are constantly adapting to the world around them

· January 19, 2022

There are less and less dairy farms across the country. However, the ones who are in still in the industry are working hard to adapt to their surroundings while also using their creativity to continue to do a job they love. In addition to creativity, dairy farmers are prioritizing their environmental impact to ensure dairy farming is around for future generations. 

According to National Milk Producer Federation, per-capita dairy consumption in the U.S. has been growing and is at the highest levels since 1960. Exports in 2021 are on pace for a record. Now, with last year’s retail sales data available, we can see that 2020’s gains in grocery-store purchases weren’t just a rechanneling of lost school and restaurant business toward at-home consumption. By comparing 2021 with 2019, we can see that dairy’s gains are built to last, according to data from industry researcher IRI.

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