New York dairy celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with green milk

· March 16, 2017

A New York dairy is celebrating their Irish roots and St. Patrick’s Day with green milk.

The Byrne Dairy Oneida Street fresh milk plant began churning out the mint milk in 1976 and it’s been a Central New York favorite ever since. Byrne Dairy started this year’s production February 20 with plans to produce 8,500 gallons of green milk until March 14.

A fourth generation, family-owned producer and distributor of yogurt, sour cream, milk, cream, ice cream, and a variety of other dairy products, Byrne Dairy works with over 250 local family farms. Byrne Dairy’s average farm is only 35 miles from it’s plants where they receive around 50 million pounds of milk each month.

The operation recently underwent new leadership as Fred Sadeghi, the new CEO for Byrne Dairy and a former Starbucks Coca-Cola engineering director, plans to roll out more products in the future, including more milk themes for different holidays.

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