‘Ditch Pony’ the Christmas miracle is thriving 1 year later

· December 20, 2017

Many of you may remember this story out of Virginia last Christmas when “Ditch Pony” was abandoned in a muddy ditch on a back road and left to die. Since then veterinarian, Dr. Carmen Franck Vaughan, has nursed the pony back to health. Here’s what she had to say on a recent Facebook post:

Ditch Pony, or “Ponz”, has become our mascot and a member of our family. From abandonment and near paralysis from a spinal parasite in his rear limbs 1 year ago, he now walks, trots, canters, runs, bucks, rolls, and has even begun some light work on longe and long lines to help strengthen the few weak areas that remain. He can do everything a normal pasture pony can do, and thinks he is 10 feet tall and bulletproof!

So far he has helped to raise over $6000 for the Richmond Mounted Police and Central Virginia Horse Rescue combined and I think he knows it! Now that he is strong enough to safely ride in a trailer, I hope to begin taking our little buddy to rehabilitation centers or children’s hospitals so he can share his story in person! I hope you enjoy his comeback movie from last June as well as several new videos of Pony in action below and if you feel so inclined, please donate to one of our two favorite rescue support groups below to help others that would otherwise not get a second chance.

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