A heartfelt message to quit demonizing farmers & ranchers

· September 4, 2019

Carson Jorgensen steps up to the plate and delivers a home run explanation as to why the constant demonizing of our nation’s farmers and ranchers by the media and by Hollywood is so very wrong. He speaks from both his heart and his head — yes, sometimes it hurts to be so frequently cast in an unfair and negative light, but it hurts a lot worse coming from celebrities or from the media who can’t tell the different between cows and steers or wheat and canola, it rubs that wound even more raw. 

As Carson writes, “I am sick of celebrities and political figures who “Know it All”….. who spread mis-information about farming and ranching…. The Media who paints farmers and ranchers as evil, greedy, selfish!! We can live without all the Movies, television, music, art…. that these people produce…. But the world can’t go 1 day without depending on the Farmers and Ranchers….. so who’s product is more important??? Who’s can you live without?? Then tell me, who should be telling who……”

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