Here’s how PETA is a nest of lies and against agriculture

· July 9, 2018

Is it possible that is one of our new favorite channels? The YouTube comedy and news outlet has made videos exposing the sinister underbelly of PETA, and has shouldered a big legal blowback from the activist group because of that — to the point of having to pull the content off of YouTube.

This Cracked video has lingered thanks to another YouTube channel (it originally had hundreds of thousands of views). In it, the Cracked host says about PETA, “They claim to be about truth and awareness, but in actuality they rely on bullying and misinformation to spread their message.”

Anyone in agriculture knows that’s exactly the PETA tactic. Even the re-uploaded video had to be taken town on Cracked’s page, so the mantle has been taken up by several other YouTubers who are sharing the video elsewhere in an effort to bring forth the truth about PETA.

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