Louisiana farmer explains processes & passion behind cotton

· October 23, 2020

Cotton farmers are a unique brand of operators — not just anyone can grow cotton due to location and soil type. However, it has its own hardships just like any other crop. For example, when you consider this year’s cotton prices have been tight, equipment cost and inputs cost, it all takes a toll on being able to produce the crop. 

Marshall Hardwick with Hardwick Planting Company said that the weather has been favorable this year besides the threat of hurricanes early on. However, Hardwick did say they planted less cotton this year because of the price. “The driving force was 58 cent, 60 cent cotton. That is cotton that my grandfather would have been unsatisfied with in the 50s — we just couldn’t make any money.” Hardwick continues, “It is hard to plant it when you know it is a guaranteed lost.” 

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