MN Millennial Farmer’s land being featured in Farming Simulator 19

· June 25, 2019

The video game Farming Simulator is a bit of a guilty pleasure for a lot of farmers — it’s got a lot of realistic elements to it, and it’s far different from that laughable Farmville game that was all the rage a decade ago. 

So, many folks should be happy to hear that Zach Johnson, popularly known as MN Millennial Farmer on YouTube, is going to have his farm featured in the 2019 version of Farming Simulator. It will be an FS19 mod later this summer. Johnson made the announcement on Facebook (after lots of rumors and questions), and the website Yesmods delved into it a bit deeper. 

Yesmods said that the new map is made in close cooperation with Johnson and his family.

For those of you interested in the Farming Simulator franchise, this will be one thing to keep an eye out for!

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