Neighboring farmers help grieving family with harvest

· October 27, 2021

For many farmers, harvest can be one of the most stressful times on the farm. However, when there is a family tragedy on the farm, that time becomes even more difficult. Thirty-nine-year-old Cole Vanatta died in a tragic tree-trimming accident on his family’s farm in Tabor, Iowa last month. In addition to grieving the loss of a husband, dad, and son, one Iowa family had to ensure harvest would continue. Thankfully, that is were the local farming community stepped up to help.

With nearly 1,000 acres of crops still needing to be harvested, 50 local farmers from surrounding small towns stopped their own harvest to help the family complete harvest over the course of two days.

Shannon Vanatta, Cole’s wife, said with the help of the community, these farmers are lifting a weight off her shoulders. “They kind of just pick up, where I don’t know where to go with it, and they just said ‘I got this,'” Vanatta said. “And they took over and it’s been great.”

According to KETV, the local farmers brought in four-grain baggers, 15 combines, and roughly 25 auger wagons. These is where the agriculture community will always shine — neighbor helping neighbor. 

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