New YouTube channel to follow: Wyoming Ranch Family

· February 23, 2017

We found a promising new YouTube channel: Wyoming Ranch Family. When Erin’s step-dad’s health began to fail, she and her husband Mike left their lives in the corporate radio world and came back to the family ranch to help out.  When he passed away, they ended up running it along with Erin’s mom Rita. They quickly learned that running a ranch in Wyoming is hard work and keeping it in business is even harder.

This YouTube channel chronicles the struggles of a family to make a small ranch profitable through diversification and in creative ways. This series invites viewers to experience Wyoming ranch life and learn about everything from raising livestock to raising and harvesting crops and everything in between.

Now in its second month of production the series boasts a subscription audience of over 1,500 viewers and over 30,000 total views with subscribers from all over the world.

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