One dairy farm works to break record for World Milk Day

· June 1, 2021

Dairy Discovery, a dairy farm in Michigan is hoping to break a world record today. Today, which just so happens to be World Milk Day, Dairy Discovery coordinated with local businesses, organizations, schools, and even people online to break the record for the most cups of milk drank in one hour. 

The previous record is held in Costa Rica with 5,926 cups being consumed within one hour. Dairy Discovery is hoping to beat this record by utilizing the help of local businesses, FFA chapters, and Dairy Farmers of America.

Although they planned to beat the record with 6,000 cups of milk, Dairy Discovery announced they were shy of that goal and did not beat the record. However, they did manage to consume 5,713 cups of milk! Although they were just 287 glasses short of beating the record, it was still a “dairy” good day. 

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