Missouri Peanut Production - Butler, MO

Another trip to Southeast Missouri allowed us to dig up one of the state’s budding cash crops…peanuts. In fact, Missouri was just named a primary peanut-producing state by the National Peanut Board. #FromTheTailgate #Peanuts #MoAgriculture

Posted by From the Tailgate on Thursday, November 5, 2020

Peanut grower explains growing and harvesting process

· November 6, 2020

From the Tailgate takes us on a journey and “digs up” all the important facts about growing and harvesting peanuts. Although common in the south, peanuts cannot be grown in every climate or type of soil — which makes them quite the unique crop. Follow peanut grower Lee Lewis as he explains why he decided to recently add peanuts into his crop rotation and the process it takes to grow peanuts. 

When asked about the new experience of growing peanuts, Lewis said, “I enjoy a new challenge, something different, something we have not done. The guys who work for us have really enjoyed it. The community, you would be stunned how many people have just watched us pick them, they think it is interesting because it so different.” 

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