Peterson brother sets record straight on glyphosate and wheat

· April 13, 2021

The claims about glyphosate in cereal (usually specifically name-dropping Cheerios) has been floating around for years. They are rooted in exaggerated testing done by the activist Environmental Working Group, which claimed that wheat fields were “drenched in glyphosate,” despite the fact that no fields are “drenched” in chemicals, not to mention that wheat isn’t a genetically engineered crop that grows in conjunction with glyphosate-based products.

The claim, though, goes on to say that these fields are sprayed right before harvest to dry out (desiccate) the wheat and make it easier to work with. The reality is that a very small percentage of wheat is harvested this way in the U.S. (it’s highly uncommon), and even when it is done, usually in colder climates, the glyphosate levels are way way way below scientific standards of toxicity. Everything is done to rigorous food-safety standards.

Nick Saik at Know Ideas Media expertly addressed the EWG’s ridiculous testing guidelines, showing the EWG’s in-house acceptance levels to be 100 times lower than those proposed by California, a state that has already set a level nearly 150 times lower than what the Environmental Protection Agency approves of.

Basically, the EWG made its standards fit what it could market as the most alarmist, and to an extent, it worked. Because years later, we’re still talking about it. And Greg Peterson of the Peterson Farm Brothers is stepping in to address this issue in this educational video that looks at wheat and the spraying of glyphosate products like Roundup.

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