Peterson Farm Bros: Things farmers say during harvest

· November 23, 2020

While each farmer is unique in their own way, there are also common traits among these hard workers. Among those commonalities include harvest time and the experiences they go through. During harvest, you know something is going to break down, the grain cart driver will get blamed for everything, the combine driver will curse the engineer who designed it, and so much more! We found these sayings to be 100 percent accurate and relatable. Do you catch yourself saying a few of these phrases as well? 

Hopefully this isn’t your first time hearing the Petersons, but in case it is, the group has made nearly 20 music videos prior to this one, along with a host of other informational and entertainment vids (they even created a second channel specific to those). Here’s a short list of their other music videos.

1. I’m Farming and I Grow It

2. Farmer Style

3. A Fresh Breath of Farm Air

4. Bale

5. Chore

Be sure to check them out! The Petersons can also be found at their website here or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat: @petefarmbros


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