Peterson Farm Bros. & their 6 tips for farm safety

· October 11, 2021

The Peterson Farm Brothers might be best known for their funny farm parody songs, but we also appreciate that, as real farmers, they take a moment to get serious and talk about important issues affecting this industry and the people in it. For harvest season, they’ve invited a state trooper to their inner circle to discuss farm safety.

As a group, they discuss six farm safety tips that everyone should know about — specifically things related to moving machinery and other heavy equipment on public roadways. From turns to patience to visibility and so much more, they highlight these tips for farm safety with the hope that it will save farmers and motorists from getting injured … or worse.

While these tips are especially poignant during harvest season, when you’d typically see more farm machinery on the roads, it’s also important to realize that tractors can drive on the road any time, so this is something to be aware of 365 days each year. 

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