Millions Of Potatoes Are Being Thrown Away During The Pandemic

Here's why millions of potatoes are being thrown away during the pandemic.

Posted by Business Insider on Monday, June 29, 2020

Meet a farm family that had to throw out tons of potatoes

· July 8, 2020

In this Business Insider video, we meet Bill and Peggy of Buyan Ranch, from Sheridan, Montana. These potato farmers have a diverse operation, but like so many other farmers during this pandemic, they had no where to go with their product. Unfortunately, Bill and Peggy had to throw out 700 tons of potatoes due to the pandemic. Even after donating their produce, Buyan Ranch still could not avoid burying their hard work and countless hours of labor. 

Zak Miller, CEO of Idaho Farm Bureau Federation, reiterated that farmers were doing everything in their power to not have to throw out their produce. This video does a great job of explaining the fragile state of our food supply chain before the coronavirus pandemic. 

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