‘Range Reels’ promotes public lands grazing with Sims Ranch

· September 15, 2022

At their recent annual meeting, the Public Lands Council debuted a cooperative video project series called Range Reels in partnership with the American Sheep Industry Association, and the National Grazing Lands Coalition. The series serves to promote the benefits of public lands ranching to the iconic, Western open spaces.

The first video of the series features Shaun Sims, a Wyoming rancher on Sims Ranch. The Sims’ family ranches on grazing allotments within some of the nation’s 640 million acres of public land. Their work embodies the careful cultivation and protection that preserves the landscapes that they live and work on.

In the video, Sims says, “We have to make sure that our impact is positive and lasting. These lands represent hundreds of years of history, investment, and success. They are the promise of a future that includes the range scientist, sheep herder, and the next generation.”

While open lands are treasured for their recreational use, the work ranchers do help to support wildlife habitat, soil health, and many of the other features the American public enjoys. Sims plans to preserve these spaces saying, “Ranchers like me have leveraged our ancestors’ wisdom with the newest science and technology to make sure that all of this lasts for the newest generation.”

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