Was the ‘syringe-in-the-tomato’ once a pro-agriculture image?

· April 23, 2019

When you search GMO images on Google, the ever popular photo of the tomato getting stuck with a syringe pops up. What has now become a symbol of the anti-GMO movement, may not have been the original concept for this image. Nick Saik, with KNOW IDEAS MEDIA, dives into the history of the image in this video. 

In a quest to find the origin of the “syringe-in-the-plant” image, Nick ends up with an image from 1961. Instead of a doomsday outlook, this photo looked towards the future of agriculture, the possibilities and potential, optimistically.

“Technology was perceived more as our savior, rather than our downfall. The ‘syringe-in-the-plant’ shot hasn’t really changed at all, our perceptions of it have.”

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