TEDx Talk covers how grazing cattle can heal the Earth

· May 16, 2019

In this industry, we often hear we are the problem. We hear that agriculture and livestock need to change, or all together quit, since we are part of the cause of greenhouse gases. To combat those claims, Wendy Pratt shares a rancher’s experience to an age-old relationship of grazing cattle and grassland ecosystems. She shows how utilizing the planet’s naturally occurring cycles helps heal our world plus how one individual can make a difference.

Wendy is a fourth-generation cattle rancher near Blackfoot, Idaho. She advocates for regenerative grazing and for blurring the lines between urban and rural viewpoints. She writes a ranch blog and can be found at The Pastoral Muse

“We are not separate from nature. We are intricately dependent upon nature.” Wendy continues, “These animals are our allies, as they have been for thousands of years and we just might need them now more than ever.”

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