I had the opportunity to put together a video for a great song called “Thank a Farmer” by a country singer named James Wesley. (You can find it on iTunes). I was asked by a mutual friend if I’d be interested using this song in one of my farming videos I put together through out the year...honored!! * I do not own the rights to this song ** I do have permission to use this song

Posted by Bobbie Jo DeShon on Monday, December 10, 2018

‘Thank a Farmer’ video highlights the best parts of farming

· January 11, 2019

When we think about how much goes into farming, it can become overwhelming. The sacrifices the farmer and their family make are exponential. The sacrifices can be taken for granted on both sides of the fence. As farmers we can take for granted the sacrifices, since it was how we were raised. For others, they take for granted the sacrifices since they never had to. Thank a Farmer.

Singer James Wesley said, “I believe it opens all of our eyes to what the farmers and their families and workers do to make it happen 24/7.. and then some. We all play a part whether we know it or not — from the farms to the stores to the consumers and then to our tables. This song hit home to me because I grew up in a small farming community in southeast Kansas. I raised animals, worked and lived on farms growing up with my family. I was in FFA all 4 years in high school and wouldn’t trade my upbringing for anything.” 

The video was shot by Bobbie Jo at her family farm in Missouri during the harvest season. Thank you for all those “who make this world go around. Thank a farmer.”

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