Woman watching barn livestream saves pig from fire

· November 19, 2020

After searching for a much needed relief from politics on the television, Laura Palladino of New York found a livestream of a pig named Ethel — chosen to help bring her some calming vibes. However, the calming feeling didn’t last long — Ethel accidently started a fire in her pen. When Palladino noticed the fire, she also noticed she was the only one watching the livestream. Palladino jumped into action in the only way she knew how, she called the farm manager multiple times to let him know of the fire since she lived 80 miles away. Thankfully, Palladino was able to get a hold of the farmer, who was able to put the fire out in time to save Ethel. This was the good news we needed today! 

In addition, this is a benefit of showcasing your farm to the public — you have an extra set of eyes incase something goes wrong.

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