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Southern tornado tears through farm & breaks wind record


Mother nature has made her self known since the beginning of spring. Working in the agriculture industry, you know that many things are out of our control, but especially Mother Nature and all that she brings. On April 5, many southern states were devastated by a deadly and damaging group of storms. 

Roaming from Alabama, Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina and to Georgia, these group of storms ravished many areas. The Weather Channel even connected three deaths that traced back to the storms. The Weather Channel has confirmed 27 tornados since Monday of this week — including 11 in South Carolina, six from Mississippi, five in Georgia, three in Texas, and two in Alabama. 

Record breaking winds

According to the University of Georgia Weather Network station near Byromville, the wind gust got up to 129.3 mph at 3:26 p.m. At first, Pam Knox, the director of the University of Georgia Weather Network wrote in a blog that she thought the reading was a mistake. Knox wrote on their blog post, “My first thought was that it must have been an instrument failure, but temperature and wind are measured using different instruments, so that did not make sense. Some further digging showed that the temperature sensor failed at the same time that the peak wind gust occurred, and the air pressure also spiked low at the same time.”

However, after a visit from the National Weather Service, the team verified that the tornado was an EF2 tornado. Typically, the National Weather Service team uses the surrounding damage to determine the rating of a tornado. This time they had hard date to go off of. 

According to one Reddit user, the tornado ran straight through his farm. The pictures of the damage, proves the intensity of this storm. 

One day after the initial storms, Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp issued an emergency declaration for the entire state. The State of Emergency declaration is in affect until April 15. 

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