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Wyffels Hybrids rolls out 18 new products for #Plant19


Corn growers from Kentucky to Minnesota will have access to the latest in high-performing genetics in 2019 with a new product roll-out from Wyffels Hybrids. The company rolled out 18 new products, including nine new base genetics, for the 2019 growing season.

“We’ve really been blessed the last few years through our breeding program to release several top-notch leading products and these are just some nice additions. We’ve got in the mix SmartStax, VT Double Pro, and non-GMO,” said Adam Ploog, Western Business Manager, Wyffels Hybrids. “We are really excited about the packages we can build for our customers and what that means moving forward.”

Ploog said while non-GMO is a very small part of Wyffels Hybrids’ business, the company hopes this new line-up of products will provide growers several options to choose from.

“We are seeing a real stark contrast in the shift in traits and it changes by geography. We are seeing growers move more away from SmartStax into Double Pro and non-GMO,” Ploog said. “It’s not a huge part of our business at this point — but we really want to give growers options. There’s definitely guys looking for alternatives as far as price to work into different peoples’ budgets and if non-GMO is something that guys are comfortable with, we certainly want to offer those options.”

The new products for 2019 are:

W1588RIB 96 RM (SS)
• Consistent top-end yields across soil types
• Excellent early vigor
• Exceptional roots and excellent stalk strength
• Provides flexibility for a later harvest

W1630 / W1636RIB 95/96 RM (CONV/VT2P)
• A go-anywhere, high-yielding hybrid with exceptional drydown
• Very low green snap risk
• Excellent late-season standability provides a solid late harvest option at this maturity
• Impressive disease tolerance ratings, including for Goss’ wilt

W2500 / W2506RIB 100/101 RM (CONV/VT2P)
• A high-yielding genetic family that performs well across environments
• Great agronomic package provides placement flexibility
• Excellent option for acres prone to Goss’ wilt
• Low green snap risk

W3488RIB 104 RM (SS)
• Tremendous top-end yield potential across soil types
• Exceptional roots, low green snap risk
• Excellent anthracnose tolerance
• Wide geographic range for its maturity

W4190RIB 104 RM (CONV)
• New leader in this maturity with exciting yield potential across soil types
• Semi-flex ear excels over a wide range of plant populations
• Impressive tolerance to Goss’ wilt and anthracnose

W4358RIB 106 RM (SS)
• Outstanding yield potential and consistency across soil types
• Solid top-to-bottom agronomic package
• Great late-season intactness provides flexibility for a late harvest
• Wide geographic range for its maturity

W5510 / W5518RIB 107/109 RM (CONV/SS)
• Phenomenal yield potential for this maturity
• Wide geographic adaptability north to south
• Expect yield response to higher populations
• Very good staygreen and stalk strength allow for a wider harvest window

W5626RIB 108 (VT2P)
• Consistent, high yields across tougher soils
• Wide geographic adaptability, including southern movement as an early option
• Very good green snap resistance and drought tolerance
• High tolerance to northern leaf blight

W6408 110 RM (SS)
• Widely-adapted, high yielding hybrid
• Impressive standability provides harvest flexibility
• Excellent northern and southern leaf blight tolerance
• Impressive grain quality, very high test weight

W6890 109 RM (CONV)
• Consistent, high yielder that responds to higher populations with more bushels
• Outstanding performance across soil types, including lighter soils
• Very good staygreen, low green snap risk

W6956RIB 111 RM (VT2P)
• Outstanding yield potential with consistency across many soil types
• Very good yield-to-moisture ratios
• Excellent early option to pair with fuller season hybrids
• Great tolerance to gray leaf spot and northern leaf blight

W7368RIB 112 RM (SS)
• Tremendous top-end yield potential
• Excellent early growth and canopy
• Strong agronomic package provides placement versatility
• Very good gray leaf spot and northern leaf blight tolerance

W7570 112 RM (CONV)
• Outstanding top-end yield potential
• Solid performance on multiple soils, including poorly-drained environments
• Works as full-season option north of Zone 3
• High test weight grain

W7690 112 RM (CONV)
• Extremely high yield potential
• Works on flat back to rolling timber soils
• Handles heat and drought stress well
• Exceptional green snap resistance

W8640 115 RM (CONV)
• Expect stable, top-end yield performance
• Handles heat and drought stress well
• Impressive standability and late-season appearance
• Very good grain quality

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