5 of the best truck bed mats you can buy


If you are tired of stuff sliding around and ruining the paint in your truck bed, it might be time to look for a bed mat or liner. There are some great options to help protect such a valuable asset, and having a scratch-free truck bed is more than just aesthetics — a bed mat can help prevent rust in a truck bed, keeping your vehicle humming for years and years. We searched through a variety of truck bed mat styles (everything from liners to roll-ons) and came up with a few of our favorites among the best truck bed mats available.

Of course there is always the option to have someone spray it on, but if you are looking for a cost-effective option, this list should hit all the high notes.

While searching for your bed mat or liner, make sure you have the make and model of your truck correct to get the right fit the first time. That will save you a lot of headache down the road!

Here are five truck bed mats that really stand out:

Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat

When searching for a bed liner, customizable is the preferred option. This customized bed liner made a great Christmas gift recently for a family member, and it has held up great through all of the hardest farm chores. This Dee Zee mat is made from 3/8-inch thick Nyracord, a high-strength, cord-enhanced, rubber compound. It also has rubber cleats to help keep mat in place and facilitate water drainage.


  • Extra Thick Rubber Compound Construction
  • Helps Prevent Cargo From Shifting & Damaging Your Truck Bed
  • Highly Compressed Rubber Resists Abrasions, Tears, Cracking and Fuel Spills
  • Rubber Material Deflects UV Rays To Reduce Fading
  • Custom Fit Applications Contour Around Wheel Wells For A Perfect Fit

Promising review: “Excellent fit for short bed 2016 Ram 1500 crew cab. Mat is thick and heavy, very stable in the bed. Surface is slightly soft/sticky which reduced disposition of cargo to slide in position. Very comfortable to kneel in bed while working. Very good value.”

Westin Black Rubber Truck Bed Mat

When you need a more universal bed liner, this is a great option. It’s built to survive hard, direct contact with all kinds of cargo, and the mat is made with 100 percent recycled heavyweight rubber. The custom-fit bed mats are heat molded for specific vehicle applications, available for Chevy/GMC, Dodge, Ford, and Toyota short bed and long bed trucks, while non-vehicle specific universal size bed mats are also available. This easy-to-install liner also had 84 percent five-star reviews on Amazon.


  • Preserves truck value
  • Heavyweight rubber
  • Ribbed, non-slip surface
  • Heat molded “Custom Fit” applications
  • Non-vehicle specific “Universal” sizes

Promising review: “I have had this mat in my truck for about three weeks and it has been awesome. Not only does it keep everything from sliding around, I purchased it just in time to help three people move and it completely protected my truck bed and their cargo. So glad I purchased this.”


BedRug Bed Mat

The fuzzy, rug-like texture is something that bucks the trend of what you’ll see at most places. The bed mat will be secured using plastic plugs that are inserted into small holes that are drilled into the plastic bed liner, not the truck bed, leaving your factory finish maintained and protected. It’s made from a slip- and skid-resistant 100 percent polypropylene fiber, aiming to be a great ultra-tough work surface. The BedRug’s Bed Mat is also gas, oil, bleach, and chemical resistant, and offers easy cleanup. 


  • Rugged construction handles heavy cargo
  • Bleach, oil and even battery acid washes off
  • Comfortable knee-friendly 3/4 inch cushioned floor
  • Anti-skid surface prevents cargo from shifting; engineered for exterior use
  • Stain and UV resistant easily cleaned with just water

Promising review: “If you own a truck and you don’t have one of these…what are you waiting for. The bedrug is awesome, totally transforms the truck. I like the utilitarian aspect of the product, so far it has been indestructible, as I use my truck and it’s not just a show toy…far from it…more of a workhorse.”


Black Armour Bed Mat

The Black Armour Bed Mat is vulcanized rubber rather than polyurethane bound, which creates a strong rubber that will not absorb liquids. With a diamond plated texture, the mat lets cargo stay put instead of shifting around and damaging or scratching your bed and sidewalls. All of Black Armour’s mats are made from 100 percent recycled tires, and it is estimated that in the 54 years they’ve been in business, they have kept over 117 million tires from ending up in landfills. With three factories in Canada and the U.S., all of their bed mats are proudly made in North America. Of course, with a premium product, you’re going to pay a premium price … but we think it’s worth it.


  • ½” thick construction offers 100% protection from dents and scratches from even the most demanding cargo.
  • Proprietary Ultra Sonic Cutting Technology ensures a precise, glove-like fit. No need to trim and no more gravel and sand around the wheel wells.
  • High grip 100% recycled rubber with Traction Plus checker plate texture prevents cargo from shifting.
  • Black Armour mats lay flat without shifting or wrinkling will never bunch up.
  • Quick and easy installation. No tools required.

Promising review: “This truck mat from Black Armour is Heavy Duty in the truest sense of the word. It’s extremely thick, heavy and robust. If you’re looking for a truck mat that will last you the length of your vehicle (and maybe even beyond), or you haul a lot of heavy stuff that you need to protect your truck bed from, this mat is perfect for you.”

Roll On Raptor Bed Liner Kit

Now if you are looking for a totally different option, check out this roll-on bed liner. It is much cheaper than a spray on liner and if done correctly, looks very similar! This liner is a two-part urethane coating that gives ultra-tough protection to vehicles and many other surfaces. It forms a highly durable, water resistant barrier that protects surfaces from impact, scratches, corrosion, chemical spillages, fuels, fresh and salt water, and more.


  • Impact, scratch and UV resistant
  • Protects against corrosion, salt, water, chemicals & more
  • Adheres to metal, wood, plastics, fiberglass, concrete
  • The roller creates a textured, black finish

Promising review: “This product is FANTASTIC. I purchased to coat a new GMC Canyon, and it went VERY Well. The product is hard as a rock on the truck and adheres very well. It came out perfectly for a DIY Job. Rollers are junk and fall apart during use, so buy backups. REMEMBER, anything this epoxy gets on will be there forever (clothes, sleeves, gloves, garage floor, everything.) THIS STUFF LOOKS JUST LIKE A SPRAY ON LINER!!”

What type of bed mat is best?

If you’re looking for a bed mat, it’s likely that you’re in it for the functionality rather than the style points. Most bed mats are going to be either a polyurethane material (basically a heavy-duty plastic) or a vulcanized rubber, which is what we like to see for some of the more extreme tasks and cargo needs. A rubber mat will be easier on your knees if you need to get onto it, however it’s often going to be harder to scrape out the last bits of organic material, like mulch or top soil, if you are hauling a scoop. 

Most importantly, though, the best bed mat will be one that’s appropriately fitted to your vehicle, whether customized to your pickup or purchased as a universal fit, so that it fully protects against impact — while also draining rainwater and other liquids well.

Are bed liners worth it?

Yes. And there’s no wiggle room on that answer. Pickups that are used for real work — whether on a farm or on a job site — get dented and otherwise beat up pretty bad in a day’s work. A bed liner or bed mat helps to prevent scratching, which can lead to rust and other corrosion, as well as protect the vehicle’s bed against physical damage. A good bed liner or mat will keep water from settling, further helping to extend the life of the vehicle.

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Updated: This article was originally published Sept. 21, 2021, and was updated Dec. 16, 2022.

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