Review: YARDMAX log splitter sets out to redefine the standard


Forget the notion of “you get what you pay for”; YARDMAX is hoping that you get a lot more than you’re paying for when you buy one of the company’s new log splitters.

Rather than charging more for the patent-pending and durable components of the YARDMAX log splitter, those innovations will be standard on the company’s 25-, 28-, 30-, and 35-ton models.

“We’re going to redefine what you get for your money,” YARDMAX Vice President Shad Shafer said. The brand is a new player in the American market, with its flagship log splitters being released this month.

The path to get to this point has taken years. “We did a lot of research about what the consumer liked and didn’t like in the market,” he said.

Shafer hopes that it’s the quality that will help the brand stand out from the competition.


So, perhaps the big question is, what does a buyer get?

For starters, solid construction and the liberal use of metal parts instead of plastic. The splitters have the power to push through even thick green wood and turn the backbreaking job of prepping a winter’s worth of firewood into a fun afternoon project on the farm.

There are also three unique features for which Shafer and his team are seeking U.S. patents.

  • The first is the U-beam design that highlights a significantly stronger machine than what might be found with I-beam designs already on the market. Shafer said that the structural integrity of the models on the market was one complaint that he heard from potential customers. “We went at it to find a better and stronger way to go about it,” he said.
  • The second is a log spinner foot plate that easily rotates logs for splitting, reducing stress on the beam when used either horizontally or vertically. It works with the twist in the grain to split the log more naturally than a fixed foot plate would.
  • Lastly, the splitters include a four-way wedge that helps to break logs into smaller pieces, such as for kindling. The wedge is designed for quick connection and jam free operation, with no need to change log stripper plates.

But those features, as well as heavy-duty log trays, oversized hydraulic components, and an interior-mounted oil filter are just the Xs and Os of YARDMAX’s log splitters. What’s even more fun is to watch first-time users shredding through huge logs during testing — followed by high-fives and barrel-chested celebratory laughter.

It’s hard to argue with that kind of endorsement.

The log splitters, priced from $999 for the 25-ton model to $1,499 for the 35-ton model, are going to be available in agricultural and lawn and garden retailers as well as at numerous online outlets.


YARDMAX offers more than log splitters. The company also has snow blowers, chipper shredders, plate compactors, concrete mixers, a power wheelbarrow, and a power sweeper, all of which are developed for savvy homeowners and DIYers.

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