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ClicRtechnologies innovates system for scaleless livestock weighing


ClicRtechnologies held its first-ever exposition on May 20, demonstrating its innovative scaleless livestock weight and data management system at the Double C Bar Ranch in Kenansville, Florida.

The company’s ClicRweight Bovine Solution system is set up in a simple pole barn around the water source. An RFID ear tag is scanned whenever an animal goes to drink and a camera instantly begins “clicking” hundreds of 3D photographs. That data is immediately processed into a weight, which can be viewed with a digital dashboard made accessible through any device with connection to the internet.

“One of the benefits of our system is that it can be totally managed from anywhere in the world,” said ClicRtechnologies President Joey Spicola.

Over time, the system continues to learn each animal, providing the herd’s valuable information, including daily rate of gain, weight average, and feed efficiency. The ClicRweight Bovine Solution has been in place on the Double C Bar Ranch since early March.

Joe Planz, a ClicRtechnologies board member and investor, grazes some of his cattle herd on the ranch.

“Grazing our calves two and half hours away from the main ranch,” he said, “ClicR enables us to have a constant analysis of how the calves are doing in real-time and enables us to address any issues expediently and proactively.”

In addition to cattle, ClicRtechnologies also has solutions for weighing swine and alligators. The company remains focused on the expansion of its weight capture technology and the development of future applications that will deliver cutting-edge solutions to increase production efficiency across multiple industries. 

“ClicRtechnologies is laser-focused on bringing the ag industries into the 21st century, using never-before-seen technology and creating the digital ranch,” Spicola said.

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