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AgJunction brings hands-free farming to small farms


Small farming operations will soon be getting a hand in precision agriculture productivity thanks to a new product from AgJunction. This week the autosteering company unveiled Wheelman, a new way for farmers to automatically and accurately steer farm equipment at a price that pays back in just one season for farmers working as few as 250 acres.

“We believe that all farmers should prosper, and with autosteering, farmers can reduce input costs and increase yields,” said Dave Vaughn, AgJunction chief executive officer. “With Wheelman, we will bring the technology used by the largest farm operations to one million smaller farms worldwide.”

With precision agriculture, commodity crops can be farmed profitably. Precision agriculture starts with automatically and accurately steering farm equipment to prevent overlap, reduce input, labor, and equipment costs, and increase yields. The USDA estimates that autosteering alone saves farmers $15 per acre each year, but because of cost and complexity, this technology has been out of reach for most farms less than 1,000 acres, until now.

Wheelman delivers a complete, do-it-yourself autosteering system for under $3,500 with a simple design that any farmer can order online and install in less than an hour on most equipment. Wheelman is powered by AgJunction’s proprietary Whirl software that makes it easy to automatically and accurately steer your tractor and inform farmers about their farming efficiency.

Farmers can visit to learn more about Wheelman and register for the Early Release program to be the first to start farming hands-free.

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