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Indiana Pork farmers donate 800 hams to food bank


Meat is often not a popular item donated to food banks so the Indiana Pork Producer’s recent donation of more than 2,100 pounds of holiday ham is making this holiday a bit brighter. Nearly 800 hams were donated by Indiana’s pork producers through Indiana Pork to Gleaners Food Bank of Indianapolis.

“The entire year, but especially during the Christmas season, Hoosiers are compassionate to the hunger issue around the state,” said Joe Baldwin, President of the Indiana Pork Board of Directors. “Indiana’s hog farmers feel privileged to help provide to those Hoosiers who may be struggling a bit this holiday season. We hope this ham donation will help those who are struggling to put food on the table and help make Christmas a bit brighter for our fellow Hoosiers.”

“Protein is critically important for the most vulnerable Hoosiers we serve: senior citizens and children,” said John Elliott, President & CEO of Gleaner’s Food Bank. “This donation today is going directly into our Cynthia H. Hubert Community Cupboard to serve nearly 400 seniors who will come to us for assistance.”

“Meat is not an item donated to food banks in sufficient quantity and families struggle to afford it,” said Emily Bryant, Executive Director of Feeding Indiana’s Hungry. “We are thankful for the generosity of Indiana’s Pork farmers every day. Today’s donation of hams will provide high quality protein to families this holiday season who face hunger.”

Monday’s ham donation was just in time for Senior Shopping Day at the food bank. Gleaners Food Bank provides food assistance to more than 260,000 people in central and southeast Indiana.

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