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National Farm Machinery Show: Danuser snapshot


While Danuer‘s iconic Hammer post driver was garnering a lot of attention this week at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, a new product known as MegaMixer was not to be missed.

Glenn Danuser, whose great-grandfather founded the company, took AGDAILY  through the ins and outs of the MegaMixer. The tool is designed with a rubber auger to mix and dispense concrete and animal feed, but it can also be used with an all-steel auger to dispense asphalt or sand, among a variety of other things. It’s equipped with a locking pin on the exterior trap door to allow for the mixing of concrete in either direction, eliminating a buildup of dry materials.

There are scraper edges on both sides to scoop sand or rock, and there are forklift slots to allow the mixer to be lifted high. But this only scratches the surface of the capabilities of this mixer, which will be available to the public in late spring.

Glenn Danuser also spoke enthusiastically about the company’s most popular product, its post driver, which is shown in the video below.

The Hammer is going on five years old.

“We made post drivers in 1954 or ’55 all the way up to 2004, but we dropped the line” because of a supply issue. Danuser picked up another driver line and saw that it could reach its full potential if the company put a few more features on it.

The Hammer has a grapple off to the side, which will lock onto a post and makes transporting and position a post easy. Once in the housing, there is a 3/4-inch solid plate that sits on top of the post. Two chains pick a weight up and drops it onto the plate, never coming into contact with the post — and thus never damaging it. The top of the post is enclosed inside the Hammer, so there’s no debris. It can drive anything from a t-post to a 7-by-9-inch railroad tie.

It’s a well-tooled machine with very few moving parts. The way it’s designed, maximum force (a 40-inch stroke) is applied from start to finish, so there won’t be any worry about getting rolling on a fencing or other project around your farm.

Danuser's Hammer post driver. (Image by Ryan Tipps)
Danuser’s Hammer post driver. (Image by Ryan Tipps)
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