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National Farm Machinery Show: Hustler snapshot


You’ve never seen anything like this before — and, more literally than most products, you can get in on the ground floor.

Hustler‘s innovative dump cart, which comes on the company’s yellow Maximum Duty Vehicles, is being showcased this week at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville. The technology in place is called Levelift, and it has the ability to keep the bed perfectly flat from the ground up to its resting position on the back of the MDV. Things like tree stumps, round bales, gas-powered generators can now be moved with ease and without the need for a larger tractor to step in.

The load capacity tops 1,300 pounds, and the lift capacity is at 750 pounds. The 23.4 hp vehicle can reach 37 mph, and has both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive functionality. While the innovation of this machine is the ability to keep loads level, it also has the ability to dump at any height along the arc, sending the bed into a fully perpendicular position if needed.

Hustler acquired the concept from a Spanish company called Ausa several years ago, and spent the time since then refining and further innovating on its capabilities.

The MDV will be available in March and will retail for $19,990.

Image by Ryan Tipps
Image by Ryan Tipps



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