Syngenta expands sustainability tracking integrations


Syngenta Sustainable Solutions promotes an agriculture industry that can feed a growing world while safeguarding the environment for future generations. To continue its sustainability mission, Syngenta has updated integrations with leading sustainability measurement tools to expand the capabilities of AgriEdge — a whole-farm management program that helps customers maximize and sustain their return on investment.

Cool Farm Alliance’s Cool Farm Tool is now integrated with Land.db, the secure, cloud-based software included with AgriEdge, allowing growers to communicate their field-level sustainability down the supply chain to increase transparency.

“Syngenta has been a valuable member of the CFA and we’re thrilled for this new phase in our partnership. Our mission is to provide scalable sustainability measurement to growers and our partners understand and embrace that,” said Richard Profit, General Manager for the Cool Farm Alliance. “We’re happy to empower Syngenta growers through their AgriEdge program.”

Growers can collect and analyze data on a per-field basis within Land.db, allowing them to track and measure stewardship and conservation practices like nutrient management, soil health practices, resistance management, buffer zones and environmental efficiency indicators. They can then use the Cool Farm Tool integration to easily measure and report the outcomes of these practices.

“Collaborations, like this one, are core to the mission of Syngenta Sustainable Solutions,” said Liz Hunt, Digital Agriculture Sustainable Solutions Account Manager at Syngenta. “We believe uniting consumer brands, processors, growers, ag retailers and manufacturers delivers a holistic solution to growers by setting them up for long-term success in their sustainable agriculture continuous improvement journey.”

Syngenta has also upgraded their integration with Field to Market’s Fieldprint Platform to Version 3.0, enabling farmers to measure and evaluate their sustainability performance across eight sustainability indicators including: biodiversity, energy use efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, irrigation water use efficiency, land use efficiency, soil carbon, soil conservation and water quality. As a member of Field to Market, Syngenta also collaborates with stakeholders across the value chain to foster improved supply chain collaboration and transparency.

Rod Snyder, president of Field to Market said, “By fully integrating with the latest version of the Fieldprint Platform, Land.db enables farmers to report their sustainability performance to downstream customers and drive continuous improvement in the sustainability of U.S. commodity agriculture.”

Growers interested in this new partnership should contact their Syngenta representative or visit Syngenta’s Sustainable Solutions website for more information.

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